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Resources to Help Pay Rent: Talk to landlord, Local Programs, Payday Loan Options and More.:

At we are trying to provide general resources to people that have started the search for help with rent. Bookmark this page as we will be adding new resources daily. Here are some resouces we think are valuable to if you are unable to pay rent.

Your Landlord:

I know this sounds crazy but this is the number one step if you are running into trouble paying rent. Make sure your landlord knows. In most cases landlords will work with you to help you get caught up in your rent. Sometimes landlords can even lower rent! Remember it never hurts to ask! Hopefully, if times are tough, your landlord will understand and give you an extension on your rent payment.

Local Programs:

Although national programs exist it can often take longer and be less fruitful then local agencys. Local agencies are put in place to help the local people and economy. These are often the best places to start. Most times this can be done buy simply searching Google or Bing for "Programs that help with rent in my area".

Consolidate Bills:

Money managment can often be the problem when people start to run low on money. This means budget, look at costs and see if they are necessary costs. Remember, a trip to the ice cream shop and going grocery shopping are not the same!

Talk to Friend and Family

Tough times are embarrassing but it is no time to hide. Ask friends and family if they can help you in short term financial strife. Show them you have a plan to pay back the debts to improve chances of getting a loan from them.

Get to work

If you are about to lose your apartment, it is no time to be picky about what job you can get. Get out there and earn some money.

Payday Loan or Borrow Money

There comes a time where getting quick cash is a must and this is the time for a cash advance payday loan or a personal loan from a friend/family. A cash advance payday loan can be a useful tool to get you out of a financial pinch such as avoiding late fees or evection. Before choosing a payday loan service be sure to calculate the ending cost of the loan so that you are sure its smart to use the loan to avoid even higher costs or fees by being late on payments or missing payments. You may find that its more financially beneficial to pay a late fee then it is to get a payday loan to cover the payment depending on the conditions on the loan. Some payday loan companies do not charge a fee or interes if the loan is paid back quickly. This would be an idean payday loan to use for avoiding foreclosure or late fees. You can find the right payday loan company but it does take some research.

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