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More then ever Americans are in need of Help with Rent. Today people are finding it hard to get and keep jobs yet rent costs seem to keep rising. When people start to get behind on rent, the consequences can be swift and devistating. Read about how you can avoid running into problems paying rent, what to do when you do fall behind on rent payments, and ways to move forward if you are forced to move out of your home. Welcome to HelpWithRent.ORG, a place to share, help and grow.

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The Facts about Rent:

Here are the facts about rent in 2013: More then 10% of americans are without a job and most of them are not homeowners. This means that almost 100% of those people with out income are going to need help paying their rent. This is a disterbing fact because if you breakdown the numbers it goes something like this. There are about 300 million people living in the United States of America. 10% of 300 million is 30 million people which do not have jobs. Some new serveys suggest that only 1% of those people are home owners. This leaves more then 25 million people in the USA that already need help with rent or are going to be in need of rental assistance very soon.

This is not an issue that is being overlooked by our politicians. Mit Romney ran for president on the platform that american jobs and the economy were in worse shape then they were four years ago. President Obama argues that without bipartisan support it's very difficult to set policies that can help our economy recover. Either way you view this issue it is undeniable we are on the verge of a crisis.

Need Help with Rent now? Ask yourself these questions:

Have you talked to your landlord?
Can you recover from back rent?
Do you have family and friends that can help?
Are you prepared to move if you have to?

Our Story

Dedicated to Help People

In 2007 there were people who were looking for help with rent but there was nowhere to go for this. I started this website so that there would be a place for people to talk to each other and help, as a group. Since that time we have helped thousands of people find the right financial service they needed.

Financial Services for the Rest of Us

We understand that not everyone is looking to diversify their porfvolio or worried about future investments. Most of us are trying to cover rent and other necessary spending like groceries and utilities. Thats why at this site we provide a place to discuss financial struggle and, as a group, overcome the struggles of normal people.


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I was injured at work can I get help?
Are their free services for single moms?
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